GNU – now sprouting in Tamil…

We all know its all happening today cos of GNU and its vision some twenty years before..

In an attempt to make available the contents of GNU website to Tamil we also took the responsibility of translating its web-site to Tamil.

Here is our first success:

above all it’s the GNU’s philosophy that has led to this great revolution. Glad that we have started taking it to our masses in our Language..


2 Responses to GNU – now sprouting in Tamil…

  1. Kevin Mark says:

    Not that I can read Tamil, be it LOOKS cool anyway! Keep up the good work. Since I don’t know anything about Tamil, where is it primarily spoken? I would guess its mosly in India? I live in New York and there are many Indian folks here but I have no idea if any of them speak or read Tamil.

  2. amachutechie says:

    Tamil is on of the ancient languages of the world and spoken primarily in the State of Tamil Nadu, India and Sri Lanka.

    Singapore also has Tamil has one of its official language. Other country where there is substantial amount of Tamil speaking population in Malaysia.

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