Software freedom day..

mmm.. Our Independence day falls on 15 Aug 07. And exactly one month after comes the Software freedom day.

What plans do we have this time? also the first time!

We have formed a Chennai Team and we are thinking of bringing people together on this event to create awareness on software freedom and its importance.

Primary focus need to be on education and we should knock schools with edubuntu at hands. 😉

Then the college students.. users.. educational institutions.. trainers.. LUG enthusiasts and all.. Where and when? we need to decide..

and incidentally this year  marks the 150th anniversary of our first war of independence  😉


8 Responses to Software freedom day..

  1. jef says:

    how does a distribution that installs proprietary drivers by default without asking users equate to software freedom?

  2. amachutechie says:

    you mean to say Ubuntu? Well the vision is obviously towards free drivers and Mark has put forth that. We hope and would even help in acheiving that.

  3. jef says:

    What vision are you talking about? Mark is directly responsible for the decision to install proprietary kernel drivers with murky legal issues and he is also responsible for creating a completely proprietary tool like launchpad to drive the distribution. Did you see the incorrect claims in many places that Ubuntu is Free software (not merely gratis) including launchpad bug #1? If you are installing proprietary software shouldn’t you atleast ask the user before depriving his freedom. Actions speak louder than words my friend

    If you are really convinced about software freedom and want to celebrate there are much better distributions that cater to that aspect. Fedora is one. Debian is another. Telling people about software freedom and giving them a distribution like Ubuntu is very much hypocritical. We don’t need to act like cheap car salesmen and lose the trust the community has. I hope you don’t do it.

  4. amachutechie says:


    I had thought about such things & yes I agree with most of your points.

    Have a look at this gutsy announcement also

    rather than splitting up and searching for better replacement, i would prefer developer community to help the cause by developing free drivers whereever we do not have one.

    together lets bring success.. together also means Ubuntu + Fedora + Debian


  5. jef says:

    If a purely Free software variant of Ubuntu is created and you are distributing that then it would be considered ok but you are not. You are distributing the variant of Ubuntu with proprietary drivers by default. Don’t do that. If you dont believe in Freedom, those kernel drivers are very much in a legal grey area and many distributions have stopped doing so.

    You are already splitting up the development community by evangelizing and working on a distribution, the actions of which don’t show any real support for Free software. If you believe in using a distribution that uses Free drivers, take a look at Fedora 7 for example which ships the Noveau FOSS driver for Nvidia cards or Debian which splits the non-free software repository and disables it by default.

  6. amachutechie says:

    I do agree. One reason why am also not fanatic about Ubuntu. I would still recoommed Ubuntu as a viable alternate to othe propreitary OS may it be windows or Mac.

    Lets hope & help so that in days to come Ubuntu would certainly grow free. 🙂

  7. Pia Waugh says:

    It will be great to see your celebrations of Software Freedom Day 2007! Welcome to the event! I think Jef has some good points but fundamentally Software Freedom Day is about helping educate the general public about software freedom, and FOSS as a tool to help them achieve software freedom. The event should be positive and exciting for newbies to experience FOSS and although things like creating a completely free distribution of GNU/Linux is important, it is also important to create a market for free drivers, which means getting more people to use Linux and put pressure on the hardware companies. People won’t use it if it doesn’t work on their computers so it is a bit of a chicken and egg issue.

    I think that ensuring people get on the road to freedom is more important than detracting them from that road through the current complications of a completely free platform. It is the goal but not the current practical reality, and through more people understanding and embracing why technology freedom is important, we can move together towards a better and more free future.

    I hope that helps, and good luck with your event!

    Pia Waugh
    Software Freedom International

  8. amachutechie says:

    thank you.

    and ubuntu hopefully is gonna have a reply to jef too in the form of Gobuntu ::-)

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