VPP Services now available from Ubuntu Tamil Team

Several months back we launched the local ship-it scheme and we got a good response.

Now we are happy to announce the Value Payable Post (VPP) Services for Ubuntu CDs.

CDs will now also be shipped to users across Tamil Nadu, India for Rs 150/ CD. We also have decided to ship it across India for a value of Rs 200/ CD.

One can pay the value to post-man and grab the Ubuntu CDs.

Within TamilNadu, We will continue to offer Ubuntu CDs under existing Local Ship it subject availability of funds, as it has been the case.

One of the intentions for this move is to make the users feel, Free as in Freedom.

If you are in TamilNadu and is need of Ubuntu CDs, mail your request with your address and mode of CD delivery i.e., VPP or Gratis to amachu@ubuntu.com

Your choice to get Ubuntu CDs through VPP will help us grow in future too.



5 Responses to VPP Services now available from Ubuntu Tamil Team

  1. Logesh says:

    Good Service ! But i hav already setup a site for this purpose with Ubuntu DVDs also at http://ubuntustore.co.in with very cheap price of CDs…. 🙂

  2. amachutechie says:

    Kudos for that.. But people spending thousands on hardware should come forward to give more to the OS which is the life of a PC 🙂

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  5. Hello says:

    Latest and lifestyle news from tamilnadu

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