FOSS intro at Shasun College..

August 31, 2007

Bharathi and myself organized this morning, a FOSS introduction session for the students of Shasun College, T Nagar , Chennai.

The interactive session started at 10.30 AM. Software freedom, gnu and all other advocacy stuffs were discussed…

Around 200 students of the college and the lecturers participated. The pre-event-awareness about FOSS was relatively little.. thanks to the pro-m$ based curriculum framed by the relevant university..

Then it was time to introduce Ubuntu to them and an overall overview of applications that comes packed with it was also shared.

And at the end, we felt that the migration (of mindset) had just begun 😉

Advertisements not compatible with firefox browser…

August 21, 2007

it was all working fine till i found them changed their interface today..

and the link below troubles.. in firefox..

the most commonly used online railway ticketing system..

so what next.. send a mail to seeking firefox and gnu/ linux browser’s support..

Sample request:


Sub: not compatible with firefox browser…

Body: We are using GNU/ Linux OS and the default browser in most of them is firefox. isn’t properly accessible using firefox. and it explicitly says its supported best with ie 5.5 and above. We request you to implement necessary changes so that its compatible with firefox also.

Waiting still.. mmm.. get.. set & go…

— Amachu

Ubuntu Tamil Team AT Chennai Padhivar Pattarai

August 5, 2007

Ubuntu Tamil Team took part in Chennai Padhivar Pattarai or Chennai Bloggers Meet today. Thanks to Chennai LUG and Tamil Padhivar Organisers. It was a day long event organised by Tamil Padivargal (Bloggers). People took keen interest in knowing about Ubuntu and Gnu.

There were sessions organised throughout the day and it was great pleasure explaining the public about Ubuntu and Gnu. Given above are thumbnails of few snaps taken at the event.