Ubuntu Tamil Team AT Chennai Padhivar Pattarai

Ubuntu Tamil Team took part in Chennai Padhivar Pattarai or Chennai Bloggers Meet today. Thanks to Chennai LUG and Tamil Padhivar Organisers. It was a day long event organised by Tamil Padivargal (Bloggers). People took keen interest in knowing about Ubuntu and Gnu.

There were sessions organised throughout the day and it was great pleasure explaining the public about Ubuntu and Gnu. Given above are thumbnails of few snaps taken at the event.


5 Responses to Ubuntu Tamil Team AT Chennai Padhivar Pattarai

  1. pirast says:

    try to scale the images down. currently, everyone who visits planet ubuntu causes around 16 MB traffic on amachu.net

  2. gouki says:

    pirast rushed me to it. You REALLY need to fix that.

  3. amachutechie says:

    i have reduced the number of photos… :-))

  4. Saravanan says:


    my name is Saravanan from Malaysia

    we have been working on edubuntu for about 2 years

    our projects are to install tamil version of edubuntu to tamil schools here in Malaysia

    we have completed about 12 schools for now

    we are hoping to team up with ubuntu-tam to develop some application if possible

    please let me know whom shall i communicate with

    best wishes


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