Beyond boundaries…

We crossed the barriers of nations when we all joined together for a FOSS introduction workshop held at Sammanthurai, 360 KM to the South of Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.

First travel abroad. Ubuntu Community, NRCFOSS, SEUSL, Sri Lanka LUG share the credits for this event. People there and we here, share the same Language which contributed to this union. We already have members from Sri Lanka with us contributing to our discussions and translations.

On Dec 01, after a hectic travel of little less than ten hours from Colombo, we reached Sammanthurai crossing the hill town Kandi(If you are a Cricket fan you should be aware, its here Muralitharan broke Shane Warne’s record few days back).

Mauran of our team had made prior arrangements for the event. The event started with all formalities there, we had with us Respected Buddhist Monk Metha Vihari who addressed the students to begin with.

Later to a question asked to him as to why he chose to use free software, he told the gathering, since he is a Monk, he cannot afford to pay “too” much for the software he may use.

Also since he is a Monk he can not say “NO” to some one who asks for a copy of the software. Since sharing is one of the foremost of prerequisites of a Monk. To say that I can’t share is simply un-ethical.

few snaps at:

will continue…


4 Responses to Beyond boundaries…

  1. Kevin Mark says:

    This monk sounds like RMS 😉

  2. Jonas Jørgensen says:

    A buddhist monk who won’t use non-free software because it’s unethical according to his religion to refuse to share something with someone who asks him to. That is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing that 🙂

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