Its time for a Change!

Guess what?

Mmm.. Glad to share with you all that we are going to have two new Team Leaders for Ubuntu Tamil Team. Its Thangamani Arun ( from Chennai, India who will be equally assisted by Abdul Haleem ( from Kalmunai, Sri Lanka.

So its time for me to say good bye to the Team Lead responsibility that I have been holding so far and start venturing into other roles that will help Ubuntu prosper.

Its almost two year since we started our LoCo (June 2006), and many many many thanks to the entire Ubuntu Community for giving me such a wonderful experience in my Life.

So what am I going to do next! Focus on development! Letme start blogging more extensively on it soon.. Cheers 🙂


2 Responses to Its time for a Change!

  1. Soham Das says:

    Hi Amachu,

    I didn’t find a better way to contact you, so I thought commenting is equally good.

    Amachu, I am trying to switch from Weird Windows to Gutsy Gibbon. Albeit Hardy is out, but I think, having just an elementary knowledge in Linux, I thought a stable Gutsy will be better for me.

    So here I was last night trying to install Gutsy in my IBM R51 Laptop Centrino based [512MB RAM], with Windows present in one of the drives and Ubuntu in the other.
    It was all fine and hunky dory, until I came to this step, the seemingly coolest stuff since Feisty Fawn: the migration assistant.

    Well, I gave all the necessary choices and stuff like that, but migration assistant seemingly is not moving forward… just not moving forward.. 🙂
    So I searched the entire net for any problem like this, and seemingly everybody is living happily since 7.04[seems there was a bug like this in the earlier version but that got fixed].

    So here I am 🙂 with the two words, HELP! HELP! 🙂 .[Mail me at the email address given.]

    So help me, desperate to install Ubuntu and get going, yet frustrated with all these dead ends….

    I am also from Chennai and we can meet at some common place sometime this weekend [if necessary]

    Thanks and Regards!

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