InsydeR 2008 – Powered by Free Software..

August 31, 2008

Here is a report by Thiyagu on InsydeR-2008 that was held at Arunai Engineering College, Thiruvannamaai, Tamil Nadu on Rural Development through Technology.

Students had exhibited several stalls powered by Debian/ Ubuntu to display their work on how technology could help develop the rural masses of Tamilnadu.

Took part in the last day’s event and the sideshow can be viewed upon clicking this link.


Patent Manual Stake Holder’s Meet – Chennai

August 28, 2008

With FSF and ILUGC friends, also representing our LoCo Community attended the Patent Manual – Stake Holder’s Meet held at Intellectual Property Office, Guindy, Chennai.

The Manual has provisions for bringing in Software Patents in cases what it claims to be “Software combined with Hardware”. We expressed our concerns on it and the ambiguity over the term used.

Due to the concerns that had already been raised at similar Stake Holder’s meet held at New Delhi, the IP body has decided to conduct a separate meeting pertaining to issues related to Software Patents alone.

Hoping to make it there and express the concerns more in detail together. The draft of patent manual can be had from here.