Letters to be made better…

Not all fonts that we use today for Tamil are perfect Unicode fonts. There are make shift that will do the job. Also the total number of Tamil fonts properly free software licensed and made available at GNU/ Linux distributions are also very little. That made us organize a two day workshop on fonts creation at NRCFOSS, Chennai.

Hiren Venugopalan from Swatantra Malayalam Computing came forward to conduct the sessions. Special thanks to him for having done this setting aside Onam celebrations.

The two day session introduced us various free tools involved in font making – fontforge, inkscape, gimp, imagemagick etc., and ways to edit modify, create them. Presentation related to this event can be downloaded from http://hiran.v.googlepages.com/lmb.odp

A project & team has been created at launchpad for making and maintaining better Tamil Fonts available with Ubuntu and other GNU/ Linux Distributions.

Snaps taken at the event can be viewed by clicking here.


3 Responses to Letters to be made better…

  1. Padmanathan says:

    I am little bit far away from chennai. I am eagerly waiting for @day workshop contents. Please give better information to get all


  2. Как всегда на высоте!

  3. […] Letters to be made better – Fonts workshop, Sep 2008 […]

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