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July 26, 2009

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Announcement – Kattatra Menporul – Book release – SFD 2008

September 19, 2008

A book on Free Software Philosophy containing selected essays of Richard M. Stallman is being released in Tamil, as part of Software Freedom Day Celebrations, 2008.

Book Info:

Name: Kattatra Menporul
Author: Richard M. Stallman
Translation by: Sri Ramadoss M
Published by: Aazhi Publishers, Kodambakkam, Chennai – 24. Ph: +91 44 43587585

The book will be released as part of following events:

1) Software Freedom Day Celebrations – 2008
Jaya Engineering College,

Date: 20 Sep 08
Time: 9.30 AM

Contact Person: Sivaji – +91 99415 71690

2) Freedom & Software Meeting
Russian Cultural Center
27 Kasturi Ranga Road, (near Cathedral Road)

Date: 21 Sep 2008
Time: 4.00 PM

Contact Person: N Balaji – +91 98407 87427

You are cordially invited to attend the event(s) and pass on this message. Lets make it a memorable one.

PS: You can also help organizing a release party at your place with GNU/ Linux enthusiasts around. For more details mail us separately.

Related Link:


SFD 2008 Special – Free Software Philosophy Publication in Tamil

September 18, 2008
Free Software - Richard M Stallman - Tamil

Free Software - Richard M Stallman - Tamil

I hope this book will aid the efforts to convince Tamil Nadu to follow the path of Kerala: to migrate the public schools to free software. – Richard M Stallman, Sep 11, 2008

Where, When and How? Just wait the info is on its way 🙂

Letters to be made better…

September 14, 2008

Not all fonts that we use today for Tamil are perfect Unicode fonts. There are make shift that will do the job. Also the total number of Tamil fonts properly free software licensed and made available at GNU/ Linux distributions are also very little. That made us organize a two day workshop on fonts creation at NRCFOSS, Chennai.

Hiren Venugopalan from Swatantra Malayalam Computing came forward to conduct the sessions. Special thanks to him for having done this setting aside Onam celebrations.

The two day session introduced us various free tools involved in font making – fontforge, inkscape, gimp, imagemagick etc., and ways to edit modify, create them. Presentation related to this event can be downloaded from

A project & team has been created at launchpad for making and maintaining better Tamil Fonts available with Ubuntu and other GNU/ Linux Distributions.

Snaps taken at the event can be viewed by clicking here.

InsydeR 2008 – Powered by Free Software..

August 31, 2008

Here is a report by Thiyagu on InsydeR-2008 that was held at Arunai Engineering College, Thiruvannamaai, Tamil Nadu on Rural Development through Technology.

Students had exhibited several stalls powered by Debian/ Ubuntu to display their work on how technology could help develop the rural masses of Tamilnadu.

Took part in the last day’s event and the sideshow can be viewed upon clicking this link.

Kanimozhi – Announcement

April 13, 2008

Glad to share with the world we have just launched Kanimozhi, an Online
Magazine to carry the news, events and technical info from the Free Software
World in Tamil Language.

The Website can be accessed at:

We have a set of six articles to begin this initiative.

1) About kanimozhi:
2) A call for to support Open Document Format:
3) An introduction to RPM –
4) Technical Glossary Series –
5) “When will thy die” series for proprietary software support in GNU/ Linux –
6) Recent events at

We firmly believe that this will grow further with all your kind support and

Foss Conf – Rocked!

February 4, 2008

Chennai witnessed its first ever FOSS conference from Feb 01 – 03. It had Talks, stalls, demos, tutorial talks etc.,

Srinivasan has more to tell about at the following Links 🙂

Snaps of the event can be had from,      The range of topics covered can be had from