FOSSCOM as an alternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

July 19, 2009

There is a long thread going on at FOSSCOM network mailing list as to how it should be and who shall be part of it. That’s a big thread to follow and post a reply, but I did posted of on who shall be members or part of the FOSSCOM. I am reproducing the same here,

// Quoting Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at
Wed Jul 8 02:11:19 PDT 2009

as FOSSCOMM is a collection of individuals and organizations, we have the
following use cases:
1. A person belonging to an organization, but in FOSSCOMM in his individual
capacity – then nature of his organization is irrelevant.
2. A person representing an organization in FOSSCOMM – nature of organization
is relevant //

That was indeed a huge thread to follow up and post a reply.

Well on who can become a member, I agree both individuals and
Organizations can become members.

I have two set of individuals coming to my mind,

#1 A FOSS admirer
#2 A FOSS activist

#1 are those category of non-IT people who are thankful to the FOSS
community and have got benefited because of it.

#2 are FOSS developers, non-developer activists.

On how can they become a member of the FOSSCOMM,

We should have a Oath defined that is Loyal to Free Software Philosophy
and make it available in all Indian Languages.

Any one from any part of the nation who takes that oath true to his own
conscience/ god or what ever he may prefer shall become a member.

On Organizations, I have five set of Organizations coming to my mind,

#1 FOSS beneficiaries
#2 FOSS also as Business
#3 FOSS Advisories
#4 FOSS only Business
#5 Other FOSS favourites

#1 are non-IT companies who are benefited because of FOSS and they want to
see more things coming up in FOSS and they want to support any such

#2 are 50%-50% cases like Zimbra, Novell, and Organizations who also
provide FOSS services for there is also Business in it. They shall be part
of the Community, but kept at an outer ring.

#3 are people like Redhat, Canonical, Mandriva, OpenBravo etc., whom we
admire, respect for their dedication to FOSS but could not allow them into
administrative aspects of a setup unique to India, as any decision at
their Organizational level, outside India directly affects their
operations in India. (I hope in IT 100% FDI is allowed.)

#4 is an association of Organizations who swear to do Business only
through FOSS and is of Indian Origin. The Community should collectively
work for such Organizations to prosper and fight for their causes,
com-batting hindrances created by NASSCOM, M$ etc.,

(Some relaxation shall be given to #3 & #4 when it comes to
inter-interoperability with Proprietary Units)

#3 & #4 work together in all aspects but any representation of the
Community shall only be made through #4

#5 are Organizations shall be FOSS friendly favoring NGOs, government
initiatives like NRCFOSS etc.,

Organizations that want to be part of the Community should, covey to the
Community under which category they fall and we shall have instructions